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ECE3209-2009-hw6 - grounded conducting sphere when a point...

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ECE 3209 — Electromagnetic Fields University of Virginia Fall 2009 Homework # 6 — Laplace’s Equation and the Method of Images Due: Friday, October 16 1. Cheng, P.4-7 2. Cheng, P.4-13 3. Cheng P.4-23 Two infinite insulated conducting planes maintained at potentials 0 and V 0 form a wedge-shaped configuration, as shown below. Determine the potential distributions for the regions: (a) 0 < φ < α and (b) α < φ < 2 π . 4. In class, we found the potential and surface charge of a
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Unformatted text preview: grounded conducting sphere when a point charge, q was placed a distance s from the center of the sphere. Use the method of images to find the potential for r > R and surface charge for the case where the sphere (of radius R ) is held at a potential V 6 = 0 (relative, of course, to a reference potential of zero at infinity). Find the force of attraction between the point charge, q , and the neutral conducting sphere....
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