ECE3209-2009-hw10 - , and (c) the short circuit current. 4....

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ECE 3209 — Electromagnetic Fields University of Virginia Fall 2009 Homework # 10 — Faraday’s Law, Maxwell’s Equations, and Plane Waves Due: Friday, December 4 1. Cheng, P. 6-39. Find the mutual inductance between a very long straight wire and a conducting loop as shown below: 2. Cheng, P. 7-6. 3. Cheng, P. 7-10. A hollow cylindrical magnet with inner radius a and outer radius b rotates about its axis at an angular frequency ω . The magnet has uniform axial magnetization ~ M = ˆ zM 0 . Sliding brush contacts are provided at the inner and outer surfaces as shown below. Assuming that μ r = 5000 and σ = 10 7 S / m for the magnet, find: (a) ~ H and ~ B in the magnet, (b) The open circuit voltage, V
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Unformatted text preview: , and (c) the short circuit current. 4. A very long solenoid of radius a , carrying N turns per unit length, is looped by a circuit with resistance R , as shown below: (a) If the current in the solenoid is increasing at a constant rate, dI dt = k (a constant) what current ows in the circuit and which way (left or right) does it pass through the resistor? (b) If the current I in the solenoid is constant, but the solenoid is pulled completely out of the circuit loop and then reinserted in the opposite direction, what total charge passes through the resistor? 5. Cheng, P. 7-27. 6. Cheng, P. 8-3. 7. Cheng, P. 8-5....
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ECE3209-2009-hw10 - , and (c) the short circuit current. 4....

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