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MCDB 1 A Lectur e Syllabu s Summe r Sessio n A , UCS B 2010 Instructor: Dr Seng Hui Low Email: [email protected] Office: LSB 2111 Office Hours: Mon. and Wed. 2:30 - 3:30 and by appointment. TA: Nathan Thaler Email: [email protected] Office: Psych 3320 Office Hours: Thur. 2:15 to 3:15 and by appointment Lecture Location: Chem 1179 Time: Mon. – Thurs 12:30 - 1:55 pm. Exams Tuesday , Jul y 6 Midter m 1 (10 0 pts ) Monday , Jul y 19 Midter m I I (10 0 pts ) Friday , Jul y 30 Fina l Exa m (15 0 pts ) If there are any schedule conflicts with these exam dates, you must contact Dr. Low within the first week of lecture. Rescheduling of exams after this time will not occur. If you miss an exam due to illness or emergency, contact Dr. Low within 24 hours and provide written verification of the illness or emergency. Makeup exams are generally not permitted. MCD B 1 A Tex t boo k an d stud y resources : The text is Life , Th e Scienc e o f Biolog y by Sadava, Heller, Orians, Purves, and Hillis ( 8Edition ) available at the bookstore. The text is also available as an ebook to view on your computer (for details see the website: www.thelifewire.com/ebook ), and is on reserve in Davidson Library.
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Th e cours e website : can be accessed at https://gauchospace.ucsb.edu/courses/. The website will contain PowerPoint presentations of the slides presented in lecture. In addition, it will have links to materials given out in class, movies, old exams, extra credit quizzes (for some portions of the class) and other information that will help you study the material presented in lectures. To access the website, login using your UCSB net id. As
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This note was uploaded on 10/16/2010 for the course MCDB MCDB 1A taught by Professor Senghuilow during the Spring '09 term at UCSB.

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_MCDB1A_Syllabus2010 - MCDB 1A Lecture Syllabus Summer...

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