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Name _________________________ TA ________________________ MCDB 1A Midterm Examination I October 17, 2008 Scantron Instructions: 1. Use a #2 pencil to complete the form. 2. Write your name and fill in the appropriate bubbles. 3. Write your perm. number in the ID number box and fill in the bubbles. 4. Write the color of your test in the space underneath the ID number box. 5. Fill in the entire rectangle of the answer you choose. If you erase, erase completely READ ALL QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY----IN ALL CASES, PICK THE BEST ANSWER 25 Multiple Choice Questions - 3 Points Each 3 Multiple Choice Questions - 5 Points Each 6 Matching Questions - 1 or 2 Points Each The following multiple choice questions are worth 3 points each 1. Specialized cellular structures of prokaryotes that help bacteria adhere to one another are called: A. Microvilli B. Cilia C. Pili D. Tight junctions E. Nucleoids 2. Ribosomes are not found in A. Mitochondria B. Chloroplasts C. The rough endoplasmic reticulum D. Prokaryotic cells E. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum 3. Lysosomes are important to eukaryotic cells because they contain A. Photosynthetic pigments B. Starch molecules for energy C. Their own DNA D. Centrioles E. Digestive enzymes 4. The pigments that give ripe tomatoes their red color are contained in organelles called A. Chloroplasts B. Chromoplasts C. Microplasts D. Leucoplasts E. Macroplasts MCDB 1A MT 1, Blue exam (0) Version: 0 Page: 1
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5. Which of the following organelles were once independent prokaryote organisms? A. Mitochondria and Lysosomes B. Mitochondria and Chloroplasts C. Chloroplasts and Golgi apparatus D. Golgi apparatus and Ribosomes E. Ribosomes and Lysosomes 6. Which statement below is INCORRECT about bacterial cells? A. Bacteria may be multicellular or unicellular B. Bacterial cells contain a single circular chromosome C. Bacterial cells have cell walls D. Bacterial cells divide by fission E. Some bacterial cells swim using flagellae 7. Which of the following statements regarding oogenesis is INCORRECT ? A. One mature egg is formed from one primary oocyte B. Crossing over occurs during prophase of meiosis I C. The individual chromosomes of each homologous pair distribute randomly to the daughter cells during meiosis I D. The secondary oocyte is diploid E. The first polar body forms during meiosis I 8. Microscopes are used to resolve images that cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Electron microscopes use _______ to resolve images, whereas light microscopes use _______ to resolve images. A. Light and lenses; Diffraction of electron beams
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Dr._Wilsons_Cell_Biology_Midterm_2008 - Name TA MCDB 1A...

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