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Name _________________________ TA ________________________ MCDB 1AL Lab Quiz 1 October 20 - 25, 2008 Scantron Instructions: 1. Use a #2 pencil to complete the form. 2. Write your name and fill in the appropriate bubbles. 3. Write your perm. number in the ID number box and fill in the bubbles. 4. Fill in the entire rectangle of the answer you choose. If you erase, erase completely READ ALL QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY----IN ALL CASES, PICK THE BEST ANSWER 27 questions, worth 1 point each unless noted otherwise The first 6 questions are practical questions 1. Which of the following pipettes are suitable to use for dispensing 20 μL ? A. Pipette A B. Pipette B C. Pipette C D. Pipettes A or B E. Pipettes B or C 2. What is the total volume when the three pipettor volumes are added up ? (Worth 2 points). A. 0.037 ml B. 0.048 ml C. 0.480 ml D. 0.372 ml E. 0.255 ml 3. The sea star embyro indicated by the pointer is in which stage of development? A. blastula B. zygote C. gastrula D. fetus E. morula 4. Which phase of mitosis is seen in this cell A. Interphase B. Prophase C. Metaphase D. Anaphase E. Telophase MCDB 1AL Lab Quiz 1 Version: 0 Page: 1
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5. This cell is in the following phase of the cell cycle _______. The pointer is located on the ______. A. anaphase; vacuole B. anaphase; nucleolus C. interphase; vacuole D. interphase; nucleolus E. prophase; vacuole 6. Identify the organism/structure on this slide. After you have answered this question, Please put the slide back on the bench and return the stage to the lowest position and the objective to 4X when A. Whitefish blastula with cells in mitosis
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MCDB_1AL_Lab_Quiz_1 - Name _ TA _ MCDB 1AL Lab Quiz 1...

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