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iii MCDB 1AL LABORATORY SCHEDULE * SUMMER 2010 WEEK DATE LAB EXERCISE QUIZ 1 June 22 No Labs June 24 Ex 1: Introduction to biology 2 June 29 Ex 2: Polytene chromosomes, Meiosis, Mitosis and cytokinesis July 1 Ex 3: Echinoderm fertilization and development 3 July 6 Ex 4: Determination of protein concentration Quiz 1 July 8 Ex 5: Analysis of enzyme properties; Restriction Endonucleases 4 July 13 Ex 6: Analysis of the restriction digest,
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Unformatted text preview: PCR amplification of an alu insert July 15 Ex 7: Analysis of the alu insertion polymorphism, Genetic transformation July 20 Ex 8: Results of genetic transformation Quiz 2 5 July 22 Ex 9: Computer genetics ( Drosophila ), Computer genetics: sex linkage and human genetics 6 July 27 Lab Manuals Due Quiz 3 * Subject to change, your TA will inform you of any changes the first week of labs...
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