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LAB MANUAL 7RelativeDensity - CIVE 310 Soil Mechanics...

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CIVE 310 Soil Mechanics RELATIVE DENSITY Section Assigned Due Before lab : Read this handout. 72
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RELATIVE-DENSITY DETERMINATION References: ASTM D4253 and D4254 , ASTM (1973), Relative Density Involving Cohesionless Soils, ASTM, STP no. 523. Objective: To determine the state of density of a cohesionless soil with respect to its maximum and minimum densities. You will be introduced to the limitations of this type of test. You will also be introduced to a simple method of obtaining a compaction density for a cohesionless soil. Equipment: Standard compaction (or ASTM standard) mold or a calibrated volume measure as used in concrete-mix design laboratories Hand or mechanical vibration equipment. The impact method for obtaining the moisture-density curve of Compaction Test does not work well for cohesionless soils (either wet or dry). Some persons obtain a control density in the laboratory for this type of material by filling a standard compaction mold in several layers, confining each layer in some manner, and vibrating the mold by rapping it sharply on the sides with a rubber mallet. The largest density value obtained from several trials is then taken as the control criterion for the job. A somewhat better criterion might be obtained by expressing the field control in terms of the relative density D r of the soil. This has been defined by Terzaghi as a fraction equation of void ratios of the soil in its loosest state (e max ), in the natural soil state (e), and in the densest possible state (e
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LAB MANUAL 7RelativeDensity - CIVE 310 Soil Mechanics...

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