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Midterm_II_2007.KEY - Midterm II EEMB 129 Name_KEY 1 A...

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1 Midterm II – EEMB 129 Name ______KEY______________ 1. A prokaryotic mRNA sequence is known to be 5’-GCCAUCGACCCU-3’. Write the Template Strand sequence of the corresponding genomic DNA: ___3’-CGGTAGCTGGGA-5’_____________ Assuming no post-transcriptional regulation, write the template strand sequence if that mRNA came from a eukaryote. ____3’-CGGTAGCTGGGA-5’_____________ 2. Name and explain one mechanism of post-transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes: Poly-A tail; Methylated Cap; OR Intron Splicing. Explanation needed for full credit. 3. During transcription, nucleotides are added a. To the RNA-like strand of genomic DNA b. To the template strand of genomic DNA c. 5’ to 3’ d. 3’ to 5’ 4. Circle events that happen during Initiation or Elongation, Underline events that happen during Termination, Draw a line through events that occur only in eukaryotes (Eukaryote specific ). a. Sigma factor binding b. Poly-A tail c. Hairpin loop in RNA releases polymerase d. mRNA chain grows e. Sigma factor release f. Introns removed g. Methylated Cap addition 5. The enzyme _____ _RNA polymerase ______ binds to the _____ Promoto r______ region of genes to initiate transcription in prokaryotes. 6. A particular protein has the amino acid sequence N – Aln Pro His Trp Arg Lys Gly Val Thr – C. Several mutations produce shortened protein molecules. In one, His became the terminal amino acid a. What DNA single base change would cause the protein to terminate at the His residue? ___ UGG->UGA _________ b. Name one other potential single base substitution that would cause a prematurely terminated protein. AGA -> UGA (others possible too)
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2 7. The sequence of a segment of mRNA, beginning with the start codon, is given
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Midterm_II_2007.KEY - Midterm II EEMB 129 Name_KEY 1 A...

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