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Unformatted text preview: nucleus, termed shells. – Orbitals can hold a maximum of 2 e‐ – The quantity of energy levels, or shells, is determined by the quantity of electrons: 1st shell: 1 orbital only (2 e‐’s max) 1s 2nd shell: 4 orbitals (8 e‐’s max) 2s, 2px, 2py, 2pz 3rd shell: 4 orbitals (8 e‐’s max) Neon; atomic number 10 Is neon a reactive molecule? 2e‐ 8e‐ **note that an atom has a 3‐D shape 1st shell 2nd shell 10e‐ total An Atom’s Electron Arrangement Determines Its’ Chemical Activity • Atoms with unpaired electrons in its’ outermost energy shell are reactive termed valence electrons – Neon is unreactive (outer shell completely filled with 8e‐) – Carbon: atomic # of 6: Nitrogen: atomic # of 7: • valence = 4 C 6p6n • • Valences of: Oxygen = 2 Hydrogen = 1 • • Octet rule: tendency of reactive atoms to stabilize by filling their oute...
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