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Type Covalent Bond Sharing of e - ’s between atoms (strongest) ¾ Polar covalent bond Unequal sharing of electrons (i.e., C=O, C-N) Electronegativities of atoms Term: Polar, Hydrophilic. ¾ Non-polar Equal sharing (i.e., O=O, C C), covalent bond or close to it (C H). Behaves as a non-polar covalent bond. Electronegativities again! Term: Non-polar, Hydrophobic ydrogen Bond lectrical attraction between H atom of polar Hydrogen Bond Electrical attraction between H atom of polar covalent bond and another electronegative atom. ain/Loss of electrons between atoms Ionic Bond Gain/Loss of electrons between atoms creating oppositely charged ions. (anions/cations)
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Polar Covalent Bonds • Between atoms with large Nonpolar Covalent Bonds • Between atoms of identical,
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Unformatted text preview: difference in electronegativity (e.g., N-H, C=O, O-H) reates opposite partial or similar,electronegativities (e.g., C-C, O=O, or C-H) o partial charges created • Creates opposite, partial charges ( δ + , δ-)around these atoms. • No partial charges created • Such molecules, or regions of molecules • Such molecules, or regions of molecules containing these onds are termed olar containing these bonds are termed non-polar. ydrophobic: “water bonds are termed polar. • Hydrophilic: “water loving” • Hydrophobic: “water fearing” • van der Waal’s forces water olecule H │ H │ H │ H │ H │ molecule C H C C C C -H H │ H │ H │ H │ H │ pentane...
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Summary-of-Chemical-_37196 - difference in...

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