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Unit-1-Key-Terms_42288 - dehydration(condensation reaction...

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Key Terms for Exam 1 ecosystem community population organ tissue cell emergent property biological evolution natural selection adaptation metabolism eukaryotic cell prokaryotic cell heterotroph autotroph photosynthesis consumer/producer abiotic/biotic unicellular/multicellular domain Archaea Bacteria Eukarya (plants/protists/fungi/animals) homeostasis species atomic number atomic weight electron/proton/neutron electron shell electronegativity valence electrons covalent bond polar & non-polar covalent bonds ionic bond van der Waals forces ion cation/anion hydrogen bond hydrophilic/hydrophobic interactions hydration chemical reaction molecule chemical equilibrium reactants/products pH strong acid/strong base weak acid/weak base buffer macromolecule monomer/polymer polymerization
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Unformatted text preview: dehydration (condensation) reaction hydrolysis reaction amino acid globular/fibrous proteins protein/polypeptide R group primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary structure polypeptide backbone peptide bond alpha-helix, beta-sheet denaturation chaperonin collagen hemoglobin carbohydrate starch cellulose glycogen functional group hydroxyl, carboxyl, phosphate, carbonyl, amino, sulfhydryl & methyl groups monosaccharide polysaccharide glycosidic linkage lipid triglyceride (triacylglycerol) fat/oil steroid glycerol/fatty acid saturated fatty acid unsaturated fatty acid phopholipid amphipathic molecule phospholipid bilayer nucleic acid deoxyribonucleotide/ribonucleotide DNA, RNA sugar-phosphate backbone phosphodiester linkage complimentary base pairing antiparallel double helix...
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