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Exam 1 Questions to Think About CHAPTER 1 1. What is reductionism? How does this differ from systems biology? 2. What are the levels of biological organization? 3. What are emergent properties and how are these related to the levels of biological organization? Provide examples of emergent properties. 4. What emergent properties do cells have, that lower levels of organization do not possess? What are differences between eukaryotic & prokaryotic cells? 5. Why is energy & matter needed by biological systems? How does energy flow in ecosystems? By what processes is energy converted and what is the ultimate energy source for all life? Compare & contrast these terms: autotrophs, heterotrophs, consumers & producers. 6. What is meant by “biological structures correlate to their function”? 7. Why is DNA the molecule of life? What purpose does it serve? What are genes and how do genes relate to proteins? In general terms, what function do proteins serve? 8. Why is regulation of biological systems important? How does this occur? 9. Explain what is meant by the “unity & diversity” of life; provide examples to describe this. How does Darwin’s theory of evolution explain the unity & diversity of life? What evidenc supports this theory? What is the mechanism of evolution and what observations is this mechanism based on ? What is “descent with modification”? What are adaptations? What purpose do mutations serve? 10. What information does an evolutionary tree provide? 11. What are the domains & kingdoms into which life on earth categorized? What does this tell you about the evolutionary history of life?
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Unit-1-Questions-to-_42291 - Exam 1 Questions to Think...

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