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LAB MANUAL 1introductionVisualManualClass

LAB MANUAL 1introductionVisualManualClass - CIVE 310 SOIL...

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1 CIVE 310: SOIL MECHANICS LABORATORY INSTRUCTIONS WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU? You are expected to read the background notes and lab procedures for the lab being performed and have a working knowledge of the test we will do. The tests we will perform are tests geotechnical engineers perform on soils to determine their characteristics and engineering properties. You are to turn in a well written lab report for each lab. Format for lab reports is specified later in the Policies section. POLICIES Attendance Your attendance in lab each week is mandatory and will be worth half your lab grade. Missing lab will adversely affect your grade for this class. Assignments & Each laboratory test will be performed in small groups, or demonstrated to the class. & Lab assignments are usually due one week after the lab period. Late submissions are unacceptable. If extenuating circumstances arise, contact the lab instructor before the due date to request an extension. Drexel University Honor Code applies to your work in this class. You are encouraged to discuss assignments with other students, but submitted assignments must be entirely your own work. You are not to copy another student’s homework and duplicate printouts or photocopies of data are not allowed. Unless stated otherwise, each two-student team must submit one lab report, even when the laboratory work is done in groups. & Each assignment must be submitted with a cover memorandum. Try to limit this memo to one page. Attach your supporting data, plots, calculations and analyses behind the cover memo. The memo must be typed and all of your submitted work must be neat and clear. Indicate your lab
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2 section (day) and group name at the top of your memo. Make sure you include a point of contact. This point of contact - a way to get in touch with you if questions or changes arise - is standard procedure in industry. It can include one or more of the following references about how to get in touch with you: 1) address, 2) phone number, 3) fax number, or 4) email address. & We will attempt to make them relevant to the real world. You will then write your memos as if you were reporting the results of your testing to a client. Strive to achieve a professional quality in these brief reports. Your assignments will be graded likewise; sloppiness, lack of organization, scribbled notes, etc. will result in lower grades. Prepare your work with the same care as will be expected of you in an engineering job. Lab Grading In recent years, it has become clear that companies look for persons who have good oral and written communication skills. With this in mind, Drexel University and the COE aim to have students graduate with good communication skills. All parts of your memos should be written in complete sentences using good technical English. Remember to use the spell-checker in your word processor, proofread your work and revise it if necessary. In a professional setting, poor writing will discredit your work. In this class, an unprofessional presentation will hurt your grade. Think of this as an opportunity to practice the "other" skills you will need as an
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LAB MANUAL 1introductionVisualManualClass - CIVE 310 SOIL...

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