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Unformatted text preview: A nthr opolo gy: What it means Anthropos = Humankind Logia = The study of … (generalized to the scholarly study of humans in all times and places) A modern conception: So… Anthropology is the Natural Science of H umankind and Collective H uman Behavior : • Including: human prehistory, history, diversity, evolution, and physiology. • Including: languages, cultures, societies and their transformations and organizations. Why we need Anthropology: Why 1. 1. Wor ld is changing r apidly. Wor 2. Wor ld is incr easingly danger ous 2. ( ter r or ism, global w ar ming, mass m igr ations, huge population displacements, illegal immigr ation). d isplacements, 3. Amer icans don’t under stand the 3. A mer people of other cultur es. 4. B u t w hat we do affects them ut p ower fully, b ut in w ays we often do not per ceive. n ot 5. U nited States behaves incr easingly 5. l ike a w or ld gover nment. Even our i nter na l p olicies affect people Lack of Engagement--a legacy of isolation: L ack THROUGHOUT THE WORLD PEOPLE SHARE: A feeling of despair (millions of Impoverished people, living feeling on less than 50¢ per day). on per Increasing widespread belief that America is ethnocentric and Increasing biased against them. biased Escape into fanatical religious cults and nationalist agendas. Why do so many people become suicide bombers? The world is becoming our responsibility responsibility I f we fail t o make our selves k nowledgeable about t he l ifeways and pr oblems of ot her s, t hose pr oblems will r et ur n t o affect us and our pr ogeny. pr T her e ar e no bar r ier s t o Ther cult ur e and belief. Our one bulwark against t hese pr oblems is under st anding. But: how can we be personally r esponsible for the world’s problems? problems? AS RESPON SI BL E CI T I ZEN S, AS W E M AKE CRI T I CAL D ECI SI ON S. A S T RAVEL ERS, WE R EPRESEN T AM ERI CA T O T H E WORL D . WORL W E VOT E: OU R R ESPON SI BI L I T Y I S T H AT WE E L ECT T H E BEST, M OST K N OWL ED GABL E AN D I F TH E LEADERSH I P WE ELECT: E LECT: EM S OF TH E I S I NSENSI TI VE TO TH E PROBL I S I NSENSI TI VE TO TH E PROBL EM S OF TH E PEOPL E OF I M POVERI SH ED NATI ONS (JOBS, GOOD FOOD, WATER AND DECENT L I VI NG CONDI TI ONS…) CONDI I S UNCARI NG ABOUT GENOCI DE, H UM AN SL AVERY, BRUTAL DI CTATORSH I PS, ETC… SL H AS TH E APPEARANCE OP BEI NG AGAI NST CERTAI N GROUPS, REL I GI ONS, RACES. N ATI ONAL I TI ES, OR CH ARI SH ED BEL I EFS… TH EN: TH SOON ER OR L AT ER WE WI LL SU FFER T H E SOON CON SEQU EN CES (i ts ha ppeni ng N OW! ) C ON THE WORLD IS A COMPLEX PLACE: PLACE: WE WE CAN M AKE C AN I N F ORM ED D ECI SI ON S, WE WE M U ST M AKE I N F ORM ED D ECI SI ON S! BUT: TH ERE I S A SECOND GREAT REASON FOR STUDYI NG ANTH ROPOLOGY: STUDYI A college degree is an emblem of one’s college commitment to knowledge. commitment I t states that we are people who have made it our business to understand how the world works: t he Through language study T hrough understanding our society and Through others others By knowing our history and our foreign By ANTH ROPOL OGY A NTH ENCOURAGES ENCOURAGES US TO BECOME THE VERY BEST WE CAN BE. CAN THE STUDY OF CULTURE IS A THE “MIRROR FOR MANKIND.” “MIRROR BY SEEING THE WORLD BY THROUGH THE EYES OF OTHERS, WE REFLECT UPON OURSELVES OURSELVES WE SEE OURSELVES IN NEW WE WAYS. WAYS. IT MAKES US MORE HUMAN. B Y TH E TI M E YOU H AVE COM PL ETED TH I S COURSE COM YOU YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN SEE THE WORLD IN THE SAME WAY AS YOU SEE IT NOW. IN YOU WILL SHARE A GREATER YOU APPRECIATION FOR THE PROBLEMS AND BELIEFS OF OTHERS. BELIEFS YOU WILL QUESTION SOME OF YOUR OWN LONG-HELD BELIEFS AND VALUES. OWN DI SCI PL I NED I NQUI RY… DI I NTEL L ECTUAL CURI OUSI TY… A ND AN ATTI TUDE OF DOUBT CONCERNI NG AL L RECEI VED “ TRUTH S”: TH AT, AFTER AL L -TH I S TH E PURPOSE OF AN EDUCATI ON E DUCATI Indiana Jones: anthropologist? anthropologist? W hat ’s wr ong wit h t his pict ur e? w it ...
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