Beatles Syllabus Fall 10

Beatles Syllabus Fall 10 - The Beatles Their Music and...

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The Beatles: Their Music and Their Times MUSC 422 Fall 2010 47220R — Mondays and Wednesdays, 4 – 5:50 pm, THH 202 Bill Biersach, Lecturer Julia Adolphe and Keegan Anglim. Teaching Assistants Introduction and Purpose This course will familiarize the student with the music, lyrics, recordings, personal and public lives, production techniques, career strategy, social ramifications, and technological impact of the musical group known as The Beatles. The goal is to imbue the student with an appreciation for the music itself, a basic understanding of the primitive technology available at the time, and a broader comprehension of the social, economic, political, and cultural upheavals that gave rise to the musical trends of the Sixties. Instructional Strategy Each week the professor will present a lecture which will include musical examples, video and audio clips, and pertinent background information on the four Beatles, their personal and professional dealings, their approach to live performance and studio recording, and the activities of their managerial and production staff. There will also be a discussion session led by teaching assistants in which more extensive video clips as well as the Beatles’ movies will be viewed, the texts will be reviewed and students will be encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions. Typically lectures will be on Mondays and the discussions on Wednesdays.
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Beatles Syllabus Fall 10 - The Beatles Their Music and...

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