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Beatles_Midterm__1_review - Beatles Midterm#1 Review John...

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Beatles Midterm #1 Review John Lennon Mother- Julia Stanley, Father – Fred Lennon Met when they were 16 right out of an orphanage. Father worked on a boat never home. John was born Oct. 9 th 1940 ( middle name Winston after the prime minister of England) John was born when Fred was out at sea, he didn’t come home till John was 5 When his parents got divorced they allowed John to choose which parent he wanted to live with, he choose his dad and half way down the road got scared and ran back to his mother. Julia sent John to live with his aunt Mimi Smith and her husband George who owned a dairy far (251 Menlove Ave which was an album he put out after the Beatles broke up) Mimi was very strict only gave him 1.25 a week, he went to a carnival every year at the strawberry field hostel ( later a song title) John was a poorly behaved child loved the work of Lewis Carol ( Alice and Wonderland and Jabberwacki) When John was 13 his Uncle George died he couldn’t cry so he laughed for hrs with his cousin Leila 1956 (3 things happened) 1. Skiffle Fad music in England where you use cheap alternatives for instruments ( Lonnie Donegan’s “ Rock Island Line”) 2.Relase of an American Movie called “Blackboard Jungle” title song was Rock around the clock” by Bill Haley ( movie was about rebellion) 3. Elvis Presley “ heartbreak Hotel” All these events inspired John so he went to his aunt and begged her for a guitar, Mimi bought him his first guitar John formed his first group “The Quarrymen” ( John Lennon, Pete Shotton, Ivan Vaughan, Nigel Walley) Nigel Walley brought his Friend Paul McCartney to watch the band play and pick up girls he picked up a guitar and began to play and sing, John was jealous of Paul’s talent. Pete asked him to join the band and he did From then on Paul and John were the core and others came and went around them 1958 Julia was killed by a hit and run accident no charges were ever brought to the driver, this upset john greatly he began drinking more heavily John met Cynthia Powell at the art college she feared him at first but overheard him singing and fell in love with him Paul McCartney Father – Jim, Mother – Mary ( was a nurse), Brother- Michael ( very close) 1953 Paul was accepted at the Liverpool institute which shared a building with the Liverpool art College (where john went) Mary developed breast cancer and died in 1955 when she died they lost the house His father bought him his first guitar (Paul is right handed but he plays with his left hand)
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Stu Sutcliffe Very talented artists won an award of 65 pounds for his painting john convinced him to join the band cause he looked like James Dean, John taught him to play the base guitar Litherland Town Hall Stu was beat up by the Teddies, John saved him he eventually died of a brain hemorrhage not for sure related George Harrison Born Feb. 25 th 1943 to young for John, he would send him to do stuff for
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Beatles_Midterm__1_review - Beatles Midterm#1 Review John...

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