Notes Through Midterm #1

Notes Through Midterm #1 - MUSC 422 The Beatles BABY Bill...

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MUSC – 422: The Beatles BABY Bill Biersach [email protected] 3 exams equal weight 50 question exams 8/27 - Worst cover of the Beatles ever: William Shatner’s “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” - Beatles came from Liverpool, Northern England, a seaport town created by a river called the Mersey - All the Beatles were middle class except for Ringo - John Winston Lennon – born Oct 9 1940 during an air raid. o Julia Stanley and Fred Lennon o After John was born, Fred disappeared for 5 years o John winds up at Aunt Mimi and George Smith o Mendips 251 Menlove Ave o Mimi gave John money and let him go to the carnival at the Strawberry Fields Salvation Army Hostel o Teacher called him “mean and precocious” o Poem called “jabberwocky” by Lewis Carol sheds some light on John’s writing approach o Age 12, he was going to a school called Quarrybank School and his pranks got worse (his mom had a strange sense of humor: panties on the head) o Age 13, Uncle George died and he laughed in his room o Twitchie: Julia’s boyfriend o 1956: 3 important influences 1. Skiffle Fad: people who didn’t have a lot of money for instruments just made them with whatever they had. “Rock Island Line” by Lonnie Donegan was a big hit 2. American movie called Black Board Jungle and title song was “Rock around the Clock” by Bill Haley and His Comets, BIG HIT BBC – British Broadcasting Channel. Luxembourg Radio built a giant radio tower and covered Europe with this one radio station 3. Elvis Presley “Heartbreak Hotel” o “beat” o Mimi bought him a guitar for 17 pounds = $2.50 o Started a band called the Quarrymen which were his best friends: Pete Shotten, Nigel Whalley and Ivan Vaughn o July 6 th 1956: Ivan brought Paul McCartney (14) to watch them play. John sent Pete over with a message to join the band = instant bond = center of band - Paul McCartney: June 18 th , 1942 o Jim McCartney, corp cleansing dept inspector, thought his son was “a horrible piece of red meat” at birth
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o Mother = Mary and Michael = Brother o Good student unlike John – Age 11, accepted at the Liverpool institute which was the best free highschool o 13 – mother who was a nurse died of cancer o Paul got his first guitar for 15 pounds and plays left handed but is right handed - Summer 1958 – Julia was run over by a off duty cop. Nigel Whalley was the only witness so tell the story and the cop was eventually acquitted – this is when Lennon began showing cruel humor such as making fun of retards - Entered Liverpool Art School and met his future wife Cynthia Powell - Stu Sutcliffe was a good artist who looked like James Dean - George Harrison, born feb 25, 1943, came along o Father was a bus driver, Harold Harrison o Mother was Luise o Lived close to John’s neighborhood and the area between them was Penny Lane - George slowly just became a member of the band by filling in for sick members - Lennon-McCartney writing partnership since the beginning - Became Johnny and the Moondogs
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Notes Through Midterm #1 - MUSC 422 The Beatles BABY Bill...

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