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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Exercises Aggregate Planning 1. Manager T.C. Downs of Plum Engines, a producer of lawn mowers and leaft blowers, must develop an aggregate plan given the forecast for engine demand shown in the table. The department has a normal capacity of 130 engines per month. Normal output has a cost of $60 per engine. The beginning inventory is zero engines. Overtime has a cost of $90 per engine. a. Develop a chase plan that matches the forecast and compute the total cost of your plan. b. Compare the costs to a level plan that uses inventory to absorb fluctuations. Inventory carrying cost is $2 per engine per month. Backlog cost is $90 per engine per month. 1 120 Month Forecast 2 135 3 150 4 110 5 135 6 115 7 140 8 135 Total 1,040 1 ...
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