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VolunteerChart - Volunteer Certification Process Applicant...

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Volunteer Certification Process Applicant: Completes Volunteer Forms Personnel Facility Completed Forms SVC Personnel Completes Background/ GCIC / NCIC Check Returns Completed Forms • Application Reviewed by Volunteer Coordinator SVC Contact Facility Vol. Coord./ Chaplain Chaplain / Facility Coordinator Determines Need / Facilitates Process Provides the Applicant with these forms: Decision to Volunteer Action Warden Approves/Disapproves Warden/ Supt. C tifi d T i i S h d l d Personal Data (VF01-0001) Attach. # 4 Correctional Associates Service Agreement (VF01-0001) Attach. # 5 GCIC/NCIC Consent Form (VF01-0001) Attach. # 6 Request for ID Card Form (VF01-0001) Attach. # 7 Action Pre-Service Orientation Certified Training Scheduled • Facility • Central Office ( by SVC) Personnel Personnel sends Applicant info via email to State Volunteer Coordinator (SVC) within 48 hours of entering into Scribe Imaging system. Personnel Personnel Representative checks imaging system periodically until individual is listed in Scribe
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