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Subcontractor Bid Analysis KU School of Pharmacy JE Dunn Job No. 10393 DFM No. A-010933 KU No. Lz_U-8735 Date Printed: 4/18/2009 Addendum No. 1 X X X X X X Addendum No. 2 X X X X X X Addendum No. 3 Tax Exempt? Base Bid $185,929 $332,250 $355,370 $185,929 $279,999 $314,000 $316,797 1. All labor, materials, equipment, related accessories and appurtenances required for this scope of work. Y 2. All necessary overtime to meet project schedule. Y 3. All required layout, staking and grade lines applicable to this scope of work from benchmarks indicated on Sheet C102 (Bid Package A). Control points are to remain undisturbed for the duration of the project. Coordinate any work which might affect the control points with JE Dunn’s Superintendent in advance. Add No. 1 Y 4. All required utility locates. Identify and protect utilities that are to remain in operation, including, but not limited to sanitary sewer line located within the building foot print. Add No. 1 Y 5. Protection of existing structures, trees, landscaping and site improvements in areas affected by work. Y 6. Provide and maintain all site drainage and erosion control throughout duration of project. Y 7. All demolition of existing surface elements within areas indicated including but not limited to curb, gutter, pavement, and sidewalks. All demolition of trees, shrubs, roots, and vegetative cover as indicated. Materials shall be removed from the project site same day of demolition. All demolition shall be removed from site, unless noted otherwise. Y 8. Provide and maintain dust control for operations on site including water truck to control dust for duration of this scope of work. Y 9. All saw cutting of pavement and curbs required for this scope of work. Y 10. All curb cuts and curb removal at permanent drive locations. Provide and maintain temporary construction road in location of permanent drive. Y 11. Strip and stockpile topsoil required for finish grading and backfill Y 12. All rough site grading, site shall be graded to direct surface water away from the building footprint. Y 13. All guarding and protection of open excavations Y 14. All mass excavation of building footprint and basement including over excavation requirements per Geotechnical Report. Y 15. All excavations are to be properly benched or shored per OSHA requirements. Y 16. All required fill materials required for building pad and site work. Y 17. All structural LVC fill material, placement and compaction below slab on grade leveling course of crushed stone. Y 18. All foundation drainage tile and soil membrane with granular fill in accordance with the Contract Documents and the Geotechnical Report. Y
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010933BidPackagesAandBBidTab - Subcontractor Bid Analysis...

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