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Tarrant County Depository Bank Bid Analysis Comparative Element Bank of America JPMorgaNChase Interest id on interest bearin balances 90%T-Bill T-Bill . 25 basis po ints Earnin g s credit on non-in terest bearin balances "Based on T-Bill MW T-Bill + 25 basis lifts Earnin g s credit q uoted on ' tl worksheet for exam l month December aom ty) $ See Notet Bo 625.32 $ 239828.48 Charges for itemized seMces for exam p le month DecemberagiNM 8.1 Urvused earnin s credits available to offset Service changes brother services $ 7 4679.14 $ 220381.58 2 year rate plus 15 bash points Rates for Trust fond certificate ( 2 yea r maturities as of 5 / 15/200] Standa rd rates p lus 15 basis inla See Note2 4.40 .15=4.55% at 5 / 16/200 A nnual o p lion to reset interest rate of trust certificates? s Yea commitment to meet all stated naq uired! elements In the R eq uest W App lication W 5 optional services Preferred consumer banking rates for employees Preferred consumer banking rates for employees using vein
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