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Assignment - probability density the probability is divided...

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Assignment: 1 Econ 257 Name: Jawad Islam ID:260353581 Mean Xa- -7.16266E-05 Mean Xb- 0.899514724 1a) Sample Means: Var (a) 0.33055 Var (b) 1.691953 Sample Variances: Skewness Coefficient Xa 0.099992 Skewness Coefficient Xb 1.221804 Co-efficient Skewness: Standard Error: Standard error Xa: 0.033194 Standard error Xb 0.075099
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Median Xa -1.92E-02 Median Xb 3.70E-01 b) Median : C) HISTOGRAMS: FOR DATA SERIES Xa: FOR DATA SERIES Xb: Cont. of c) When the bins all have the same width, the resulting histograms all have the same shape, with the heights varying by some  constant. When the bins have different widths, count and probability are still similar, but probability density differs. For 
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Unformatted text preview: probability density, the probability is divided by the width of the bin, so that the total area of the rectangles sums to one. Hence, changing the bin width from 0.01 to 1 would sharply cause the height of the histogram to fall. d) Mean Y: 4.90E+00 Mean Z: 2.70E+00 Mean W: 6.70E+00 Mean V: 1.16E+01 Variance Y: 1.691953 Variance Z: 15.22758 Variance W: 15.22758 Variance V 27.07125...
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