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Iraq notes - Iraq Within days of 9/11 the neocons began to...

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Iraq Within days of 9/11 the neocons began to plan the Iraq invasion. The Iraq invasion according to the neocons had an ambitious goal that was to invade and overthrow Saddam Hussein would be the beginning of the benign cycle. Iraq would become a middle class liberal democracy, oil rich, allied with US. A liberal democratic Iraq would serve to boost moderates in Iran, and the liberalizing of Iran would lead to Iran’s dropping of support of Hezbollah and other radical groups. With the dropping of Hezbollah it would lead to increasing the probability of an Israel Palestinian truce. It was the antithesis of how America operated in the cold war. The primary strategy of the cold war was containment. It had abandoned the strategy of G.H.W. Bush’s strategy. Bush sr. was a classic conservative (don’t get involved in war unless it is a threat to the American economy or political system). Bush sr. was the leader of a policy that was characteristic of a status quo policy. Bush jr. was a revolutionary. Secretary of Defense Rummy isn’t necessarily associated with the neocons. He had a different agenda that was to create a very modern technological armed force. Rummy thought the invasion of Iraq would be a good test of his new idea. None of these ideas came to pass. Iraqi’s continue to die by the thousands every month. At the end of 2006 the low death toll was 52,000 the high was 600,000. 2 million have fled the country. Iraq has become a magnet for gihadist from other parts of the world. Most come into Iraq across the Syrian border, which is insecure. Frequently they return to their home countries after training within Iraq. Iraq will become a shia dominated theocracy if the U.S. leave. The Iraqi government is at a stalemate. They have a government that cant govern and a government that is also massively corrupt. By debathofying everyone you marginalized muh of the sunni middle class. Paul Bremmer also demobilized the Iraqi army. These former military members formed the key of the sunni insurgency. Not only did they lose their jobs, but they kept their weapons. Paul bremmer abolished the ministry of the interior. The police were in turn demolished because of this. General jay gardner had a good sense of the problems, but was unable to convince bremmer. What the US had to do over time was create a new
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Iraq notes - Iraq Within days of 9/11 the neocons began to...

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