Belgium and the millenium goals

Belgium and the millenium goals - Belgium and the...

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1/4 Belgium and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Policy note in view of the UN High Level Plenary Meeting, New York 20-22 September 2010 The world undeniably is progressing on the MDGs. But this progress is too slow and too partial to achieve the goals by 2015. This is worrisome, all the more so because the MDGs are, and will remain, at the centre of the Belgian development cooperation policy. Consequently the High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly of the UN is obviously of essential importance. And as this summit meeting will take place under the Belgian EU presidency, we have extra reasons to fully dedicate ourselves to it. The present policy note wants to lay the substantive basis for our political commitment. The High Level Review Meeting, a Summit about concrete achievements in the field for human development and poverty eradication The MDGs are in essence a set of goals about human development and poverty eradication. Poverty is much more than a lack of income and material wealth. It also relates to social exclusion and denial of fundamental rights. Poverty blocks people in their personal development and prevents them from living a productive and creative life in harmony with their needs and interests. Therefore the Summit next September must focus through the MDGs on human development and poverty eradication. Of course, the concept of development contains many other vital aspects. But human development and poverty eradication are sufficiently important to deserve a summit of their own. As the 2015 deadline is rapidly approaching, the Summit must as a matter of urgency concentrate on questions as: How can we speed up concrete progress in the field? What has worked and what not, and for what reasons? Which lessons can be learned from the successes and failures? The General Assembly organizational resolution of 4 December 2009 puts it correctly: the Summit must be a comprehensive review of successes, best practices and lessons learned, obstacles and gaps, challenges and opportunities, leading to concrete strategies for action. The MDGs, embodied in the UN Millennium Declaration, a matter of collective responsibility Our approach of the MDGs is based upon the UN Millennium Declaration of September 2000. It is worth reminding that the Millennium Declaration is a well balanced text covering a broad range of policy areas. We want to place the MDGs explicitly within this broad approach which, inter alia, emphasizes that human dignity, equality and equity are a matter of collective responsibility of all countries. Furthermore, the Declaration mentions six values that are essential to international relations: freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature and shared responsibility. In the chapter on development and poverty eradication, the UN Millennium Declaration mentions the right to development and the need to create an environment conducive to development. The
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Belgium and the millenium goals - Belgium and the...

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