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CMPE200 work 2 (2) - 6 instructions was used to compare...

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1 CMPE 200 HW#1 Computer Engineering Department, San Jose State University Dr. Donald Hung __________________________________________________________________ 1. In defining a performance benchmark, which two factors will significantly influence performance score of any particular architecture under test? 2. An instruction set architecture (ISA) contains 3 classes of instructions (A, B, and C). Based on which two machines (M1 and M2) were designed and implemented with the clock rate 80 MHz and 100 MHz, respectively. A reference program with 10
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Unformatted text preview: 6 instructions was used to compare performance of the two machines. The table below lists each machine’s CPI with respect to each instruction class, as well as the usage frequency of each instruction class in the reference program. Instruction Class CPI of M1 CPI of M2 Usage Frequency A 1 2 60% B 2 3 30% C 4 4 10% a) Calculate each machine’s overall (weighted average) CPI. b) Calculate each machine’s performance. c) Calculate the two machine’s performance ratio. Which machine performs better?...
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