Assignment _1 - subject direct object adjuncts (optional...

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Assignment #1 LIN200H5S Summer 2010 Please submit your answers in a (hard-copy) typed document (except for trees) anytime BEFORE lecture on Thursday July 22 nd . Late submissions will not be accepted. *NOTE: This is an individual exercise; students are responsible for submission of their own work and copying will result in both parties receiving 0 for the assignment. A. Read the following sentences and identify the concepts listed below for each sentence . i) My mother took some delicious cookies to her sister’s house by car on Saturday. ii) Peter is happily jumping on the trampoline that he bought for his children yesterday. 1. Lexical and Functional Parts of Speech nouns verbs determiners prepositions adjectives adverbs pronouns conjunctions 2. Constituency: identify the complete constituents that represent the following phrases. S VP NP PP AdjP 3. Grammatical relations: identify the complete constituents that represent the following grammatical functions.
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Unformatted text preview: subject direct object adjuncts (optional circumstantial complements) 4. Thematic roles: identify the thematic roles of the following participants. a) mother b) cookies c) sister d) house e) car f) Peter g) he h) (on the) trampoline i) children B. 1. Draw one phrase structure tree for each of the following sentences (indicate the interpretation you have drawn if the sentence is ambiguous * HINT: #2 & 3 ). *if you do not have an intuition regarding how 2 and 3 are ambiguous, please ask a native English speaker i) My mother bought a new car. ii) Peter drew a picture of me in the garden. iii) The large cat stole the mouse that the small cat had caught last week. 2. Draw two trees that reflect the different interpretations of the following ambiguous sentence. Mary rode an antique car from Pennsylvania. i) “Mary’s starting point was Pennsylvania” ii) “the antique car was made in Pennsylvania”...
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Assignment _1 - subject direct object adjuncts (optional...

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