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Managing Change in an organization Organization change is a complex phenomenon and the manager should understand the  steps of effective change and any change must be systematic and logical to have a realistic  opportunity to succeed.(Ricky W.G, 2007) 1  Change is an inherent quality of organizational life  and organizational change may be defined as the adoption of the new idea or a behavior by an  organization.   It   is   a   way   of   altering   an   existing   organization   to   increase   organizational  effectiveness   for   achieving   its   objectives.   Organizational   change   is   primarily   structural   in  character and it is designed to bring about alterations in organizational structure, methods and 
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Unformatted text preview: processes. (Nilanjan, S et al, 2 2006) Change is endemic to all organizations operating in business markets which involve improvements on current ways of doing things, of fine tuning operations and implementing incremental changes on standard operating procedures. (Patrick D, and Constantine A, 2009) 3 1 Ricky W. Griffin (2005) Fundamentals of Management, Edn.5, Cengage Learning, United States. 2 Nilanjan S and Mousumi, S.B. (2006) Managing Change in Organizations, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd, India 3 Patrick D and Constantine A (2009) Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation, SAGE Publications Ltd, Great Britain...
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