346506 - Before being acquired by Rendall Graphics Preston...

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Operational Strategies and Change Management Introduction  The   present   highly   complex   business   environment   and   consumer   awareness   has  necessitated the companies to deeply concentrate on their products and its quality. The recent  crisis or recession, as it is popularly known, operation management is of critical importance in  such times for the survival of the company. In short, operations management is about achieving  better performance in day to day activities quickly, efficiently, without errors, and at low cost. It  is also essential in helping companies create reasonable improvements in the customer service  and reductions in cost (Chase et al, 2006:5). 1  Further the importance of operational and change  management is presented with the help of analysis of Preston Plant which was bought by Rendall  Graphics in March 2008 from Georgetown Corporation.  1. Significant events that occurred in Preston Plant which influenced its survival
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Unformatted text preview: Before being acquired by Rendall Graphics, Preston Plant was going through problems mostly related to the quality of the products, which were surprisingly identified the customer, HP. The company was facing many hardships in producing quality products and no concept of control over the product operations. The existing crisis revolving around the quality of products and business operating under loss, the success would have been only possible with occurrence of 1 Chase R, Jacobs, F.R., Aquilano N.J., and Agarwal N.K.(2006) Operations Management for Competitive Advantage, Ed. 11, Tata McGraw-Hill, India certain significant events. First it is necessary to know what exactly significant is, in order to assess the events and impacts on the Preston Plants management....
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346506 - Before being acquired by Rendall Graphics Preston...

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