midterm 08 - CSC 104 Fall 2008 Mid Term Test Part I True...

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CSC 104 - Fall 2008 Mid Term Test Part I --- True - False F 1 If you double right click an object a second window will open. T 2 139 in decimal is equal to 10001011 in binary. T 3 URL stands for uniform resource locator. T 4 ``What if" analysis is the automatic recalculation of the formulas and functions in a spreadsheet when a value in the spreadsheet is changed. F 5 A database record must store two or more fields. F 6 A typical wordprocessor program contains a few thousand lines of code. F 7 A flat file is a graph produced from by spreadsheet program. T 8 Programmers typically write software; software engineers may do some programming but usually they do more formal and rigorous planning and design work. T 9 Before the development of computer langages changing a program required rewiring the computer circuitry. F 10 A software patch is usually a small piece of computer memory needed to fix a memory leak in an application program. F 11 The rows in a spreadsheet are labelled with letters. F 12 A modern server OS can do centralized or distributed processing but not both. F 13 When you turn on your computer the boot instructions load the kernel into ROM. T 14 Windows PC OS is more error prone than MAC OS. F 15 A decision support system makes managerial decisions. F 16 Feature creep is an example of fuzzy logic. T 17 A file extension does not necessarily indicate the contents of the file. F 18 You use a utility to convert a file from one format to another; for example from .doc to .html, the two files will display identically. F 19 Save} in the File} menu just overwrites the previous version of
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midterm 08 - CSC 104 Fall 2008 Mid Term Test Part I True...

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