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Issues for today The growth of political Islam in the last century, the dominance of ultra-conservative Islam funded by oil-money, the clash caused by the spread of interest in mysticism, and calls for social justice and world justice have all presented challenges to the thought and practice of Muslims worldwide. Today, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, partly through conversions and partly through population growth. This is particularly true of the West, Europe and the Americas, where Islam is still ‘new’. Through education, travel and contact, people are discovering that terrorism, fundamentalism, brutality and abuse of women and children are not at all representative of Islam, even though some Muslim men (just like some non-Muslim men) are guilty of them. This chapter considers the concerns that preoccupy Muslims as they encounter new cultures and new opportunities presented by today's ‘global village’. The solid gold door of the Ka'bah, covered by its gold-embroidered curtain. must know The Taliban are members of a fundamentalist ‘student’ movement that took control of Afghanistan and still have a strong influence in Northern Pakistan. It was to smash their power that the Americans attacked Osama bin Laden and Afghan ‘rebels’ after 9/11. Fears of ‘Islamofascism’ Fundamentalism is the desire to adhere to the teachings of the Qur'an and sunnah in a manner as close as possible to that taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Many Muslims feel that the centuries from his time to this have introduced all sorts of inaccuracies into what was intended as a perfect program me for life - wrong emphases, uncalled-for novelties - with a huge morass of scholarship making it impossible for the ordinary person to cope with it all. Fundamentalists long for the simplicity of life as they believe it to have been in Madinah. This does not imply a rejection of science or technology, however, as Muslims were ordered to seek knowledge from cradle to grave, from every source possible. Muslims maintain that the Qur'an is compatible with any scientific process, and that modern knowledge and discoveries can only confirm its truths. Inevitably, where Muslims live in society that has gone blatantly awry from the basic Islamic teachings, they are not comfortable and seek to improve matters. Where so-called Muslim rulers are corrupt, rapacious, cruel and prey to sexual sin, they are despised and inevitably Credo Reference Print .. 1 of 5 1/11/2010 10:17 AM
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feel threatened by the purists they govern. Some Muslim regimes, such as the Taliban, were excellent at destroying opium production, but curtailed female education and concentrated on such issues as beards and burqas. Some maintain traditional cultural customs rather than Islamic practices, such as forced marriages and female genital mutilation. Khilafah
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