Case Study 1 - Case Study 1. A perfect response to an...

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Case Study 1. A perfect response to an Imperfect storm Ques 1.Describe how you think new employees Mississippi power “learn” the culture. Answer. Organizational culture has been described as the shared values, principles, traditions, and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act.In most organizations, these shared values and practices have evolved over time and determine, to a large extent, how things done in the organization. Our definition of culture implies three things, First culture is a perception. It’s not somethingthat can be physically touched or seen, but employees perceive it on the basis of what they experiencewithin the organization.Second, organizational culture is descriptive.It’s concerned with howmembers perceive the culture, not with whether they like it.Finally even though individuals mayhave different backgrounds or work at different organizational levels, they tend to describe the organization’s culture in similar terms.That’s the shared aspect of culture. Employees “learn” an organization’s culture in a number of ways. The most common are stories,rituals, material symbols and language Stories Organizational ‘stories’ typically contain a narrative of significant events or people, including such things as the organization’s founders, rule breaking and reactions to past mistakes Rituals The “Passing of the Pillars” is an important ritual at Boston Scientific facility near Minneapolis. When someone has a challenging assignment, they’re “awarded” a 2-foot-high plaster –of-pillar to show that they’ve got support from all their colleagues .Corporate rituals are repetitive sequences of activities that express and reinforce the important values and goals of the organization.At Aditya Birla, an Indian multinational company, there are three high profile awards that are given by the company to recognize individual contributors every year, awards for superior teamwork, awards for internationally
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Case Study 1 - Case Study 1. A perfect response to an...

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