IM-send - Facts about tinea versicolor PUT SHAMPOO ON IT...

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Unformatted text preview: Facts about tinea versicolor: PUT SHAMPOO ON IT answer. Young female with RUQ abd pain. Husband had GC genital infection recently. She has Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome, or perihepatitis caused by GC infection 2 questions on peds cardio--tetralogy and Ebstein's know vent settings--if pt is acidotic with increased CO2 or hypoxic, how do you adjust the vent settings? different types of surgical debreedements--wet to dry, scalpel, etc description of venous stasis ulcer CHRONIC VENOUS INSF. AMSWE invasive test for venous insufficiency-- intravenous venography ANSWER PHALOGRAPHY. Initial test to r/o esophageal Ca in pt with dysphagia : ENDOSCODY WITH BIPOSY 2 ANSWER. CT of chest with honeycombing like picture (IF) : which condition is not ass’d with this?? (emphysema) scarODOSIS ANWER. C5C6 neck break... how present?? Answer: PUT SHOULDER Anemia question with pic answer.... microcytic pic Black cysts with moving sensation inside abdomen????? Myiasis???? Breakdown!!!! 2/3 RMSF = answer kid with rash on hand and feet. Hess test = capillary fragility UTI = P. Aeruginosa (non lactose fermenting and oxidase positive???) chick in IUC UTI empiric treatment = bactrim TMP_SMX?? Ciprofloxacin or levofloxacin Gram neg rod something something ... E. Coli?? F with RUQ pain. Bf treated for STD a month ago? What did she have?? Fitz-Hugh- Curtis???? 2 cardio congenital malformations. 1 = tetrology of falot 2 = ebstein’s malformation (tricuspid leaflet stuck to posterior wall) Male with angina and history of CAD, went for dobutamine stress. HR = 180, BP = 115/??? Is this appropriate?~!?!?!?!?!?!? NORMAL RESPONSE TO CATEOCHOLAMINE. . Person with nasal stuffiness and OSA and COPD... treatment?? Phenylephrine and some other to stay awake. Psudo and rotadine. GI Chick with crohns developed anal fistula and is breast feeding. Has pancreatitis in response to azathioprin. What do you give to close the fistulas?? Continue breast feeding and Infliximab ???? Octreotide and azathioprine supposed to help close also C. diff pseudomembranous colitis question Peptic ulcer disease – how to make the pain worse for PUD. – pain improved with meals, worse 2-3 hrs after meal H. pylori test was borderline positive. What do you do?? Abx for H. Pylori??? TREAT IT. Dysphagia... how do you investigate??? Endoscope!! Respiratory Dude comes in after motorcycle accident. Put on respirator and not satting properly. What do you do? PEEP!!! Dude with CHF satting poorly lying on side but better when sitting up. Why is that?? Something about VQ change with sitting and base of lung something something. ANSWER INCREASE PERFUSION TO THE RIGHT SIDE. Dude with big pleural effusion. How do you treat? Fluid aspiration vs lasix??...
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IM-send - Facts about tinea versicolor PUT SHAMPOO ON IT...

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