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Week1_tkommula - Tejasvi Kommula Company Analysis Part 1...

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Tejasvi Kommula Company Analysis - Part 1 - Overview, History and Current Structure Google Inc. is a multinational corporation that provides numerous internet services as well as producing software for multiple platforms. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, which is in the San Francisco Bay area. Google.com and its various country specific mirror sites (e.g. Google.co.uk) are the most used search engines on the internet. Google commands 65.6% of the United States search engine market (ComScore, 2009). Google is also known for Gmail, its free internet based e-mail service. Google also owns many subsidiaries including Youtube, the most used video sharing website on the internet, DoubleClick, Picnik and Orkut. Google currently employs over 20,000 people (BBC, 2010). Google posted a profit of $6.52 billion in 2009. (SEC, 2010). What would later become Google Inc. began as a research project in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom were PhD students studying computer science at Stanford University (Google, 2010). At the time, most search engines ranked pages’ relevance based on the number of times the search terms appeared in those pages. However, Page and Brin developed a new algorithm, named PageRank, whereby a website’s importance was determined by the number of pages in which similar terms were found that linked back to that particular page. Page and Brin originally nicknamed the search engine “BackRub” because it counted backlinks, incoming links from other websites, to determine a webpage’s relevance (Batelle, 2005). The name was later changed to Google, which is a misspelling of the word “googol,” which is equal to the
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Tejasvi Kommula number 1 100 . This was meant to signify the vast amount of data that the search engine could handle. Originally, the search engine was part of the Stanford University website, with the address google.stanford.edu. The program became popular among the Stanford community. Brin and Page decided to suspend their studies and start up Google in a garage in Menlo Park, California. The company received a $100,000 investment form Andy Bechtolsheim, co-
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Week1_tkommula - Tejasvi Kommula Company Analysis Part 1...

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