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Stoics Cicero Seneca Epictetus Marcus Aurelius Stoicism was founded in Greece in 300bc. Roman stoics wrote advice books. Stoicism attempted to derive a feeling of belonging and citizenship. The stoic community was brought together by the universal brotherhood of man, regardless of social status. Cicero Rome was a self-governing republic until Caesar. Polybius asks the question, “what is the secret to the longevity of the roman republic” his answer was that the secret lay in its structure. It had a mixed constitution. Cicero was one of the most ardent defenders of the Roman republic. Flattery of tyrant would corrupt your own soul. Two things that drove Cicero’s writings was Selfless devotion to public beauty, and the other was to be mentally prepared for disappointment and exile to private life. Seneca Brilliant writer of epigrams. First author to invent and write in mirror of princes. Prince Nero was a pupil of Seneca. The mirror of princes was the idea to teach the prince or monarch how to rule wisely and well, to be generous, just, merciful, and how to behave
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