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Margaret Henderson Basic Processes SCI/230 September 30, 2010 I chose the process of reproduction. Different organisms reproduce in different ways. Here are 4 different types of reproduction methods. In the case of the bacteria, reproduction can take two different forms. Initially, it can take the form of asexual reproduction which involves a single parent. The parent undergoes binary fission whereby it will split into two to form the parent and offspring with the same genetic components. The second method will be sexual reproduction which involves both parents . The two parents will undergo conjugation where they join together to share genetic materials before undergoing the process of binary fission. This process creates an offspring with a unique set of genetic components. Next the grasshopper reproduces in a completely different manner. First, the male will his sperms into the
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Unformatted text preview: female's oviducts using its reproductive organ. The sperms will then travel in the female's body to fertilize the eggs. The eggs will then be laid underground before hatching to become the grasshoppers' young. As for the reproduction of fish, the female will lay a large number of eggs in the water before the male will release its sperms onto the eggs, this will fertilize the eggs. The eggs will then hatch over a few days. The last method of reproduction will be that of bears. The bears will mate during the mating season. The sperm will then be inserted by the male into the female's body and will travel towards the egg to fertilize it. The fertilized egg then divides and grows inside the female's uterus. After a period of about 8 months, the female bear will give birth to the baby cub....
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