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Margaret Henderson The Scientific Method ADJ/235 September 5, 2010 Effects of Different Soil Types on Different Plants and Their Environments? Hypothesis: When a variety of species of plants are exposed to different types of soils they will grow and mature at different rates due to the nutritional value of the soil and the exposure limitations of sunlight presented to the species. The different species of soils have an effect on the growth rate of the plant species because of the compilation of the soils as well as the packing of the soils and whether a foreign growth agent is added to the plant species. It is hypothesized that the plants with the podded soils with growth agent that are exposed to regular sunlight will grow at moderate rates as compared to the other plants. The rose plants do not need as much sunlight as the other plants because of their natural ability to grow with mediocre sunlight. Problem: To expose four different types of plants to different environments with different types of soils and determine if their growth rate will be affected tremendously as compared to being exposed to
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scientific method - Margaret Henderson The Scientific...

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