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Rikhil Patel Bruning The first article that captured my attention was one regarding the effect of excessive thinking on the human brain. A team of UK scientists conducted a study on the relationship of brain size to the amount of thought an individual goes through to make a decision. On a recent nationwide (UK) survey, results showed that people think too much about life, and consequently they have poorer memories as well as anxiety and depression. The team based in UCL (University College London) gathered 32 volunteers to experiment first hand on the human brain in response to making a difficult decision. The testing involved an individual to look at “two very similar black and grey pictures” and determine which of the two had a lighter spot as well as justify his or her decision by ranking their confidence on the choice from a scale from one to six. Results showed that those who were more confident of their selection had more brain cells in the front-most part of their brain, called the anterior prefrontal cortex. Prior studies
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Assignment 1 - Articles - Rikhil Patel Bio Soc & Med...

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