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// Student.cpp / // Shows how a constructor initializer list is required for // const members, reference members, and members that have // no default constructors. // Updated 11/02/03 / #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; u class Date { public: Date(int m, int d, int y) { } }; } // Remove mLastName and mBirthDate from the initializer list // and enable the assignment statements in the constructor body: / class Student {
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Unformatted text preview: public: Student(int id, string &amp; lname, const Date &amp; bDate) :mID(id), mLastName(lname), mBirthDate(bDate) { //mID = id; // cannot assign a const //mBirthDate = bDate; // no default constructor //mLastName = lname; // cannot assign reference } private: const int mID; string &amp; mLastName; Date mBirthDate; }; } void main() { string lastName = &quot;Baker&quot;; Student s1( 1234, lastName, Date(5,20,1985) ); S }...
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