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Axia College Material Appendix E Hardware/Software Components In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components Legacy systems It’s the hardware and software components of the company’s IT system. Mainframe computers It holds all the data the company has, for example all records. Microprocessors Is a chip that runs all your programs. PCs Is your own personal computer, it is the computer. Network computers This is the main frame for computers that are linked together, that can talk to each other. World Wide Web and Internet This is where you go to gather information on
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Unformatted text preview: different sites. Wired and wireless broadband technology The wired part is where you connect with an Ethernet cable to access the internet, and wireless allows you to connect through a router without the wires. PC software Is the different programs on your computer you can have them on disks or they can be downloaded. Networking software Allows you to share, store, and update data with other companies. Computer security software Allows you to protect your computer from hackers through the use of firewalls. BUS 210...
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