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Jet Blue - Furthermore management should have been up to...

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Jet Blue’s Downfall Jet Blue’s downfall was at the fault of the managers. This article will summarize the thoughts on the issues that were the downfall of Jet Blue. Also, this will implement things that should have been done differently. The managers at Jet Blue should take full responsibility of the downfall of the company. They should have been prepared for critical situations, such as an ice storm. In preparation for critical situations the management could have avoided all those non-satisfied customers. They should have never allowed their planes to be dispatched to the runways. The managers should have never allowed the customers to aboard the airplane, because they didn’t know what the weather was going to do, and they didn’t know how long the customers would have to sit on the plane. Therefore, they should have bent policies, in which stated they would get the flight off the ground even though customers had to sit on the plane, and not care about how long they sit there.
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Unformatted text preview: Furthermore, management should have been up to date on their IT support. Management did not have IT support options for flight booking or rebooking available for customers to use on their website. This would have avoided all the chaos at the airport. “ Jet Blue took several measures to restore its reputation as well as consumer confidence. First, the company introduced a JetBlue Customer Bill of Rights that offered various forms of compensation to customers whose flights have been canceled or who are left sitting too long on planes. It also offered compensation to the thousands of its passengers who were inconvenienced during the storm and into the next week (Barholomew, Duvall, 2007).” They also enhanced their information system failures, by adding new information systems that will allow Jet-Blue to notify passengers by e-mail, phone, or its website site of canceled or changed flights as soon as possible to prevent lines at airports....
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Jet Blue - Furthermore management should have been up to...

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