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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360-001 Marketing Management Chapter Exercise Chapter 05: Consumer Behavior Enter your name, Section and Date: Julia Claiborne, Section 001, 6/3/10 Assignment: Describe two products: one you recently went and purchased without much thought and one that took some deliberation on your part. 1. List all of the factors you considered when making each purchase. 2. Why did you spend a different amount of time and effort deciding on your purchases of the two products and how much time did you spend? 3. What other person and/or source did you use when making each decision and how did they help you? Number your answers and enter below Start Here The purchase I made without much thought was soymilk and the purchase I made that took deliberation was my Mac Book Pro. 1. Before purchasing my Mac Book Pro, I considered the following factors: cost, function, weight, battery length, memory, virus protection and amount of memory. Before purchasing my soymilk, the only things I considered was when I had time to
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ExcrseChptr05Spr10jac - North Carolina State University...

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