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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360-001 Marketing Management Chapter Exercise Chapter 08: Marketing Research and Information Systems Enter your name, Section and Date: Julia Claiborne, section 001, 6/9/10 Assignment: The Eopinions.com web sit is a clearing house for consumer reviews about different products and services. Go to their web site www.eopinions.com and click on the electronics tab. In that tab pick a digital camera product that has 10 or more reviews. Answer the following questions 1. What product you picked, who the manufacturer is, what price range the product is in. 2. Compile the top ten reviews in terms of customer response and evaluate those reviews in terms of their impact on you the potential purchaser of that product 3. If you were evaluating products to be carried and sold by a camera store what would be your recommendation concerning carrying this product and what is your basis for this recommendation? Number your answers and enter below
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