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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Management Chapter Exercise Chapter 14: Retailing Enter your name, Section and Date: Julia Claiborne, Section 001, June 22, 2010 Assignment: Go to the web site for L.L. Bean and company, www.llbean.com and answer the following questions 1. Which marketing channels does L.L. Bean operate such as web, store and/or catalogue and how effective are they with each? 2. Evaluate their website in terms of its helpers and hinderers as described in the “Internet Helpers and Hinderers” exhibit in your test book. Number your answers and enter below. Limit your answers to no more than two full pages Start Here 1. L.L. Bean is a multichannel retailer. They sell their merchandise online, in stores, and through catalogues. Their online store and catalogues are their most effective because they reach more consumers. They offer consumers a wide selection, available at anytime, that they can view from the comfort of their own home. Their retail stores
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