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M.E. 410 Homework 1 – Due 9/7 1. For eight vehicles of your choice (you may have to choose based on the availability of the information): a) Compile a spreadsheet with the following information: c (compression ratio), hp(peak), rpm for peak hp, torque, rpm for peak torque (these are all on the websites), specific power(hp/displacement), bore/stroke, mean piston speed (m/s) at max power, mep (lb/in 2 ) at max power (these you’ll have to calculate). b) Question: Considering how easy/difficult this info was to find, what does this imply about what the company thinks about its engines? What does this imply about what the company expects of its buyers (e.g. knowledge level, interests, education level)?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Plot: 1) hp vs displacement 2) specific power vs r c 3) Specific output vs Mean piston speed 4) Specific output vs. mep 5) hp vs Mean piston speed Plot each of these clearly but not necessarily on the same page and include a trendline with a r 2 value 3) For each of the plots, 1-5, explain the significance of the relationship mean to someone who is deciding on the specifications for an engine? What does this tell you as to why different manufacturers choose their engine configurations the way they do? 4) If you are a manufacturer and your tooling is dedicated to a given displacement configuration, how would you increase the power? What would you anticipate are the positive and negative consequences of this?...
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