Mass and Motion Down an Incline

Mass and Motion Down an Incline - Mass and Motion Down an...

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Mass and Motion Down an Incline September 26, 2010 Performed by: Matt Le , Zack, Ben, and Huy Ta Name: Abdul Naseer Malmi Kakkada The problem in this lab was to determine whether or not mass has an effect on acceleration when a cart is rolling down an inclined plane. What this lab is trying to show is that mass has no effect on acceleration. In this lab we used a stopwatch, a meter stick, a video camera, and the video analysis software from LabVIEW. The cart was chosen because it rolls with relatively low friction, which makes the analysis less complex because it eliminates the factor of friction. We know from the text book that rolling friction is substantially lower than kinetic friction, the book states that, “Coefficients of rolling friction are typically less than coefficients of kinetic friction by one to two orders of magnitude (pg. 130).” Even though the frictional variable is not completely eliminated it is very low, which makes our results much more accurate. We tested this theory in three different scenarios. We dropped a cart down an inclined plane with three different masses. The first did not have any weights, the second had one weight, and the third had two weights. We measured the distance that the cart traveled and timed each trial. From this we were able to determine the predicted average velocity and acceleration for each trial. To find out the actual acceleration, velocity, and position functions of the cart going down the inclined plane we made three movies and analyzed them with LabVIEW. Each scenario had its own video, this way we could find the actual
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Mass and Motion Down an Incline - Mass and Motion Down an...

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