GLG 101 Week 8 Checkpoint (Fossil Fuels)

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GLG 101 Week #8 Checkpoint: Fossil Fuels and Minerals Checkpoint Prompt: Write a 300- to 500-word summary answering the following questions: Where do fossil fuels and minerals come from? Describe how at least one fossil fuel and mineral is formed from its sources. Answer Fossil fuels are formed by natural resources such as the accumulated remains of deceased organisms such as plants and animals. Two of these organisms --phytoplankton and zooplankton,-- settled to the bottom of the sea in large quantities millions of years ago. Over the years the organic matter mixed with mud and became buried under layers of sediment. With the high levels of heat and pressure the organic matter chemically altered, first becoming a waxy material called kerogen and then with more heat into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons in a process called catagenesis. Minerals can often form in the following ways. The first way is through the process of the crystallization of magma as it cools. Another way is through the process of water
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