Sedimentary Rocks Assignment

Sedimentary Rocks Assignment - Sedimentary Rocks Running...

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Sedimentary Rocks 1 Running head: Sedimentary Rocks Sedimentary Rocks Beth Starr AXIA College of University of Phoenix
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Sedimentary Rocks 2 Sedimentary Rocks During the geologic process every day and every movement of the earth leaves a footprint in the sedimentary record of the earth. This paper will provide a brief description of the categories of sedimentary rock, and how plate tectonics affect sedimentation. Clastic, Biogenic, and Chemical Sediments Sedimentary rocks make up about seventy five percent of the rocks found on the surface of the Earth. During the Earth’s lifecycle rocks are formed from eroded and weathered rock and other biological matter and accumulate in depositional environments. There are three categories differentiating sedimentary rocks: clastics, biogenic, and chemical sedimentary rocks. Each of these categories has their own characteristic and deposition environments. The first classification in sedimentary rock is clastic. This type of sediment is derived from minerals, rock fragments, and grains formed during the weathering and erosion process (Murck, Skinner, Mackenzie, 2008, p. 214). The size of clasts can vary in range from fine particles less than 1/256 mm to larger sizes as seen in boulders. Clastic rocks are classified based on the size of the clast. Due to this classification, sedimentary rocks are classified as conglomerate, sandstone, and mudstone. Conglomerate consists of larger clasts held together in a fine grained matrix, sandstone consists of a matrix of medium sized grains of sand, and mudstone is a mixture
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Sedimentary Rocks Assignment - Sedimentary Rocks Running...

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