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Answer to practice exam 3 question 8

Answer to practice exam 3 question 8 - Show your work...

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16) A gene is put into pRSET using the BamHI and PstI sites of the MCS. The inserted fragment contains only the coding region of the gene (no stop codons), and is in frame with the vector coding sequence that flanks it. If the insert is 1233 nucleotides long, how long is the coding region (ORF) of the mRNA transcribed from the T7 promoter?
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Unformatted text preview: Show your work. Vector ATG through BamHI site: 93 bp Insert: 1233 bp PstI site through vector stop: 27 bp 1353 bp How many amino acids long is the protein that would be translated from this mRNA? Show your work. 1353 bp/ 3 bp per codon = 451 codons-1 codon for ‘stop codon’ = 450 amino acids 71 128 185 241...
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