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Michael Lorberg Mr . Jehle Expository Writing 101 October 17 , 2007 “Storytelling: A Way Through Trauma” Traumatic experiences can be harrowing to the mind and body , and without any outlets , they could prove devastating to the psyche . Fortunately , storytelling plays a very important role in having the capability of coping and helping us work through traumatic experiences . Tim O’Brien’s story , entitled “How to Tell a True War Story” , narrates multiple war stories that occurred during the Vietnam War . Horrific , and largely unbelievable , these stories vividly described a small fraction of the awful things that soldiers went through . “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning , It Was Friday ”, by Martha Stout , is another account of trauma . Instead of , however , depicting wartime atrocities , this reading is narrates the psychological trauma that Stout’s psychiatrically dissociative patients went through . Storytelling functions to work through traumatic experiences in three ways: it can relieve pent up emotions , in addition to preventing lunacy or death from not being able to recount one’s story . Finally , it offers the chance to be understood . It is , unfortunately , inaccurate at logically working through traumatic events as a result of memory being skewed .
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Storytelling is highly therapeutic in that it lets loose the torrent of emotion that trauma causes to build . “Rat almost bawls writing [the letter to Curt Lemon’s sister]…[he] pours his heart out . He says he loved the guy . He says the guy was his best friend in the world . They were like soul mates , he says , twins or something , they had a whole lot in common” (O’Brien 387). Rat lost his best friend in the world to a booby-trapped 105 round; the grief his 19 year old heart felt must have been crushing . Writing a letter to his dead friend’s sister was a way for Rat to tell his story , to let out his emotion and let someone understand his pain .
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