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WEEK 1 COM15O CHECKPOINT Expository Essay Topic due Wed

WEEK 1 COM15O CHECKPOINT Expository Essay Topic due Wed -...

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WEEK 1 COM15O CHECKPOINT due Wed CheckPoint: Expository Essay Topic Before you begin the writing process, you must select a topic that is interesting to you and your readers. Inexperienced writers sometimes make the mistake of attempting to write about a topic that is too broad. You may want to start by doing some preliminary reading about your topic and then determining how you want to approach the subject. Ask yourself the following questions: Which aspect of this topic is most interesting to me? What do I want to know more about? Chances are your readers will feel the same way. Resources: Appendix A and the Center for Writing Excellence website. Select a topic from Appendix A. Explain how you plan to narrow your topic for the expository essay. Post both your topic and explanation to your Assignment Section by Week 1 Day 3. Through the years of Tattooing or body piercing Tattooing and body piercing are considered body art. Otzi, the “Iceman” was the first man known to have a tattoo.
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